Missing plugins on Fedora 36 when running podman-compose

After updating to Fedora Silverblue 36 I couldn't run my podman containers with podman-compose. There were strange warnings about missing plugins:

Error validating CNI config file /etc/cni/net.d/87-podman.conflist: 
  [failed to find plugin \"bridge\" in path [...]

Note that the error might mention different plugin names: bridge, portmap, firewall, tuning, dnsname.

podman-compose creates a network configuration and puts it under ~/.config/cni/net.d/ directory. That config file lists all the plugins that it needs. Plugins are apparently not included by default?

I had to install containernetworking-plugins package for podman to my network to start working.

There is also podman-plugins package that I have installed but I am not sure if it was needed.